We've all tried it. You are out for a dinner, party or you've simply just put on a cool shirt just because you can. But no matter how tightly the shirt is tucked in your pants it keeps riding up. The two owners of NV-holders Denmark were facing the exact same problem. 

NV-holders shirt holder solves the issue seamlessly by keeping your shirt perfectly tucked without needing to constantly fix your shirt because it has been riding up. No more hands in the pants dance! 
This way any gentleman can now look sharp from morning till night, effortlessly. NV-Holders Denmark sells the original shirt holder known globally for being the best at solving this problem.

Stumbling upon the first product, T-holder, on kickstarter in 2016 the owners contacted the inventor, Nik Vene, to obtain an exclusive sales contract for the Nordics. Since then NV-Holders launched an improved version of the T-Holder, by including adjustable elastics to make it fit gentlemen of all heights and sizes. That product is called the S-holder and offers the best solution on market.