Privacy Policy

How we treat your personal data:

- information obligation for private customers, corporate customers and sole proprietorship by the EU's new Personal Data Regulation May 25th 2018. 

As of May 25th 2018, the EU Personal Data Regulation states that NV-Holders / Growthor Media IVS is obliged to disclose which personal data we store about our customers and what we use it for. 
NV-Holders / Growthor Media IVS stores only standard personal data that we need in relation to set you up as a customer and managing the customer relationship in our system. When you are set up as a customer with us, NV-Holders / Growthor Media IVS, processes your information according to the EU Personal Data Regulation.
Data collected for private customers to process your order:
- Name, address, phone number, email

Data collected for business costumers and sole proprietorship to process your order:
- Company name, address phone number, e-mail
- Name of contact person
- VAT number

Your personal data will not be passed on to 3rd party actors, but can be accessed by our necessary partners such as freight suppliers and financial system. Data will not be used for marketing purposes, but is used solely for you as a customer to have access to our goods and we can provide the best possible service to you as a person or company.

Personal information is collected in collaboration with:
  • Quickpay (payment card handling)
  • Package labels (delivery and freight handling)
  • Post Nord & DAO (delivery handling)
  • Dinero (bookkeeping)
  • Google (Analytics, Adwords, Webmastertools)
  • Facebook (annoncering)
  • Mailchimp (newsletter and email)

All of the above 3rd party actors data processors comply with EU requirements for processing personal information.

We only share your personal information in cases where you have allowed us to do so. 

Right of access
As a customer you are entitled to insight into which data Growthor Media IVS stores about you and what we use them for. Inquiries about insights must be made to: Please send us:
Subject: GDPR
Body text: Name and phone number 

All your data will be deleted after 5 years from the end of the year in which the customer relationship ends in accordance with legislation.

By becoming or continuing as costumer at NV-Holders / Growthor Media IVS, you accept the terms & conditions for treatment of data described on this page.